A new Cattery

There’s something just on the edge of indecorous with that word Cattery…
For dogs, it’s a kennel, all good, but a cattery? Sounds like something you’d find in a western novel.

Never the less, I have one now! Officially registered with TICA (The International Cat Association).


Initially, I was going for the name IntegrityToygers because I want this whole venture to be founded on integrity with the breeding choices I make, the adherence to the Toyger breed standards, following the goals of the breed development, breeding for excellence vs. quantity, etc.

But alas, the name was one letter too long, I didn’t know there was a 15 letter limit until I tried to register the name and IntegrityToygrs looked silly. Thus, I have decided on the name ToygerJoy. (No big surprise there given my domain name), but I felt it was appropriate since my heart is filled with so much joy surrounding these cats and the whole new experience it will open up for me. Can’t wait!