Aurora arrives!

I met Lauren (the excellent pet courier) at the airport to pick up my kitten. We chatted for a bit and I peeked in the carrier to see my new family addition. What a cutiepie! We unzipped it just a little so I could get my hand in to pet her, she’s SO silky and I was rewarded with a booming purr. However, when Lauren handed the carrier off to me and I started for my car, the ear-splitting hollering that was coming from that tiny kitten was astonishing. The sheer volume was astounding. Fortunately, when I settled her in the car, she simmered down, crawled in my lap and fell asleep. [whew!] That could have been a very LONG drive home.

I introduced her to her cat tree, she snuggled right in. Here she is on her first day. 😍

Aurora’s First Day

(Click on the picture to see her kneading skills)